Armstrong Nissan 30 Point Check with Wash and Vacuum



Check includes: 
•Check vehicle for outstanding campaigns.
•Check exterior of vehicle.
•Check condition of all glazing.
•Carry out diagnostic check.
•Check door lock, hinge operation and adjustment.
•Check operation of exterior lights.
•Check interior courtesy light.
•Check horn operation.
•Check interior sun visors.
•Check front and rear screen washers,headlight washer operation and alignment.
•Check front and rear wiper blade condition and function.
•Check air-conditioning system for temperature and odour.
•Check clutch operation and adjustment.
•Check brake performance.
•Check transmission operation.
•Check engine bay for oil levels, leaks and damage.
•Check brake fluid level and condition.
•Check cooling system for leaks, level and condition.
•Check battery condition and electrolyte level.
•Check power steering system operation and fluid condition.
•Check timing belt interval and surrounding area (where visible).
•Check condition and tension of all drive belts.
•Check transmission for leaks and or damage.
•Carry out visual visual inspection of brake discs, pads and associated components.
•Check exhaust condition for leaks and or damage.
•Carry out visual inspection of all steering and suspension componentry.
•Check tyre condition RF LF RR LR
•Check and adjusted tyre pressures as required.
•Check condition of spare wheel and jack.
•Test drive vehicle.


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