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The All-New XF First Media Drive Impressions

Armstrong Jaguar

The all-new XF’s dynamic, coupé-like design combines the outstanding proportions, elegant surfaces and perfect lines which define all Jaguar cars, with a longer wheelbase, more interior space and exceptionally low aerodynamic drag.

“It’s a superb powertrain that delivers on all fronts, providing a welcome blend of power, refinement and economy. I’d argue that it’s quieter than any of its German rivals, with almost no discernible vibration felt through the chassis, even under heavy loads.”
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“Very few bumps caught the XFs out and in every case the cars settled almost immediately after any big divots. Body and roll control are excellent.”
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“The new XF makes clear progress on its rivals on the road as it is imbued with more mature driving dynamics than ever before. Refinement is a key hallmark in everyday driving; the nicely appointed cabin isolates occupants from the outside elements, with excellent outside noise suppression and a real sense of tranquility even at highway speeds.”
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