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Peugeot unveils next-generation i-cockpit

– Peugeot unveils next-generation i-Cockpit cabin
– Previews interior of future passenger vehicles
– Designed for an instinctive, safer and natural driving experience
– 2.2 million vehicles worldwide features first generation i-Cockpit


Peugeot i-Cockpit®: an innovative cabin driving concept

Peugeot believed for many years that the in-car cabin environment is just as important as the driving experience. This led to a rethink in the way Peugeot designs its interiors – with the driver placed at the centre of the cabin design.


This thinking has led to an innovative interior layout, dubbed i-Cockpit®. It includes the following essential elements:
– A compact steering wheel which offers more agile manoeuvrability and improved driving sensation, turning the act of driving into an intuitive pleasure. With arms no longer needing to be so open and wide to grasp the steering wheel, the breadth of movement during manoeuvres is reduced, thus making the driver more responsive and agile, in a more relaxed driving position.
– A head-up instrument panel that displays all relevant information in front of the driver. The driver does not need to look away from the road and can fully concentrate on driving. This ergonomic position, made possible due to the compact proportions of the steering wheel, increases driver comfort by reducing tiredness.
– A large touchscreen that intuitively displays all comfort controls (radio, air conditioning, and more) and offers natural control of all the vehicle’s information and equipment.


Peugeot cockpit

The result is an incredibly streamlined, modern and technologically informing instrument panel. The lack of buttons, along with the choice of high-grade materials and high manufacturing quality, enhances the specificity of the Peugeot i-Cockpit® and increases driving pleasure, agility and driver concentration.


For more information please contact Armstrong Motor Group Peugeot in Auckland, Lower Hutt or Christchurch.