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Honda CRV 2015 Review

Armstrong Honda

Like most drivers, I don’t have the best knowledge when it comes to what’s under the hood. However, when it comes to the look, feel, and features of a vehicle, I know exactly what I want. After spending a week driving around in Honda’s latest edition to the CR-V 2015 range (2WD) and then going back to my 2014 model (AWD), there are quite a few excellent new additions that have me wishing to upgrade.

Let’s start outside the car: Looking similar to the previous model in size and shape, the latest CRV has had a redesign at the front and rear – a glamorous facelift, if you like – making it more bold and sporty than ever before, while maintaining its very attractive style. While other car companies might liken their vehicle to fast cats, to me, this one looks like a mighty dragon!

Let’s step inside: Not only have Honda improved the outside, they’ve gone to town on improving the inside. Comfortable seating, with Driver’s memory seat!, chrome detailing, soft touch materials, and a new look touchscreen with Lane watch and Multi-angle Rear Cameras were some of the cool new features I noticed right away. There may be a bit more inside but there’s still that enormous amount of space to fit the family or to make room for my outdoor gear (mountain bikes, surfboards). Nevertheless, safety and comfort have clearly taken priority here.

Now, let’s take it for a spin: It’s not until we drive a car that we begin to get a good feel for it and, whether it’s around town or cruising along the motorway, the 2015 CR-V is exceptional on the road. The handling on the 2WD model is dreamlike – smooth, effortless, and precise, and with power to boot. To be honest, I don’t know what they’ve done, but I love it! I also noticed that the fuel efficiency seems to have had an improvement. With a conservative driving style, at one point I was able to get the average fuel usage down to just over 8L/100km. Not bad for a large SUV, if you ask me.

With a growing family and an outdoor lifestyle, the outside, inside, and handling of this vehicle combine to make it, by far, the perfect car for us.

Jared Turner

Actor / Honda Ambassador